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Biologique Recherche Body Treatments in Marbella

Biologique Recherche Body Care:

Biologique recherche products focus on deeply nourishing the skin, protecting it and combating the signs of aging as well as treating all types of conditions. Its highly concentrated active ingredients are carefully selected for each zone to redraw and tone the silhouette.

Biologique Firming Body Treatment:

Its stimulating action on blood circulation produces an increase in body temperature, thus favoring the regeneration and contraction of collagen and elastin fibers. This stimulation gives elasticity, tone and firmness to the skin, preventing and/or reducing localized sagging mainly in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms.

Biologique Detoxifying Body Treatment:

Immediate reducing effect:

Recovers the body’s natural shape after producing a lipolytic and draining effect at a global level. It favors the elimination of toxins and stimulates the metabolism of fats, thus enhancing their subsequent decomposition and evacuation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Body treatments are aesthetic techniques that help to shape the silhouette, correcting various types of unsightliness, without resorting to surgery.

These procedures range from massage therapy techniques (manual), cosmetology and aesthetic appliances, all of them are combined with each other, according to the needs of the person and the state of the skin, to provide the most effective results in the shortest possible time.

Aesthetic body treatments allow us to treat any alteration in the silhouette that affects its harmony and affects the self-esteem of the person who suffers from it.

Thanks to them, it is possible to correct the most common body aesthetic problems such as localized adiposity, cellulite, flaccidity, lack of muscle tone, stretch marks, scars, photoaging, dyschromias, fluid retention, etc..

Accessing aesthetic body treatments offers many benefits worth considering:

  • They are non-invasive, so the risks are much lower than in surgery.
  • They do not involve downtime or inactivity.
  • They are less expensive than surgical interventions.
  • Progress is gradual.
  • They allow to correct unsightliness with the same effectiveness as invasive procedures.
  • They offer highly satisfactory results.
  • There are many techniques that are used in synergy to guarantee the results of the treatments.
  • They have high security.
  • They are an effective alternative for those who cannot or do not want invasive interventions.
  • They can be used for almost any person.

Body treatments with appliances use one or more technologies to treat various types of aesthetic alterations. At isabelle's, once we have evaluated our client's condition, we love to combine the different existing manual techniques with the most advanced appliances, such as vela shape, indiba or ballancer, thus achieving amazing results in a shorter range of time.

Body slimming and firming treatments are aesthetic treatments that seek to reduce volume and localized fat in certain areas of the body. The areas that tend to accumulate the most fat are the following: abdomen, legs, arms, hips and knees.

However, fat accumulates not only in the body, but also in the chin, so there are fat reducing treatments indicated for small areas such as the face.

Body treatments in the aesthetic field are non-invasive treatments. The term 'non-invasive' refers to procedures or treatments that do not require instruments that physically penetrate the body. For example, those treatments that do not require surgery, such as liposuction.

It is not necessary, but it is advisable to follow a healthy and balanced diet and do regular sports, so that the effects are more visible and long lasting and reach them in a shorter period of time. At isabelle's we are very aware of the healthiest and most sustainable lifestyle for our customers and that is the one we profess and disseminate.

Yes. Fluid retention is improved. Above all, what reducing treatments do is to destroy fat cells by injecting a specific substance. If there is fluid retention, the treatment should be combined with mesotherapy and specific appliances.

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