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Biologique Recherche Facial Treatments in Marbella

Biologique Recherche captures the richness of the natural world and deposits its ingredients on the skin for immediate and visible effects. The recipe for its success is its high concentration of active ingredients. Biologique Recherche identifies the deficiencies and needs of each skin, managing to turn an unbalanced skin into a young, radiant and flawless looking skin.


  • High concentration of plant, biomarine and biological extracts.
  • Absence of perfumes to preserve the integrity of the formulas and avoid sensitization processes.
  • Preservation of the original structures of the active ingredients thanks to cold processing.

A formulation conceived for immediate and long-lasting results, combining unique technologies such as Remodeling Face and a methodology based on diagnosis, clinical approach and rigorous protocol.

Provides intense hydration and an immediate tightening effect. Indicated for dehydrated or flaccid skin.

Powerful cellular regenerator. Restructures and strengthens damaged, dehydrated or aged skin.

Repairs, strengthens and tones tissues. Refines and smoothes the epidermis.
Tightens and redensifies tissues, fills wrinkles and redefines the facial oval.
Innovative treatment to intensely rejuvenate the skin. Provides deep hydration, tightening effect and fills wrinkles. Accelerates the healing process and enhances cell regeneration.
Reshapes the face, intense action on reliefs and volumes. Reduces dark circles under the eyes, tones the eyelids. Tones the skin and increases muscle firmness. Prepares the skin for surgical procedures and shortens post-surgical recovery time.
Global treatment for the eye contour, reduces wrinkles, tones, minimizes puffiness and dark circles.
Anti-ptosis chin strap with lifting effect that provides firmness and retexturization to the lower third of the face.
Contour and volume lip patch, an express treatment to restore moisture and volume to the lips.

Brightening veil mask, indicated for pigmented and sallow skins, with a formula concentrated in lightening and antioxidant active ingredients, revitalizes and unifies the tone, eliminating signs of fatigue. Do you dream of luminous and even skin? This is your treatment.

Soothing, regenerating and desensitizing treatment, especially recommended for intolerant, sensitive and/or fragile skin conditions, whose cutaneous barrier is deficient or altered.

A real anti-pollution shield: it acts as a protective film, preventing pollutants from entering the epidermis. It energizes the skin, detoxifies it and recharges it with energy, giving it an immediate radiance.

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