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Belkyra - Jowl Reduction

Belkyra – Jowl Reduction 2018-09-25T08:42:16+00:00

There is a mistaken perception that double chin is due exclusively to overweight or aging, when in fact it can appear at any age and be related to genetics, often being resistant to diet and exercise.

In ISABELLE’S we have a new treatment for the elimination of jowls without surgery, called BELKYRA.

Until now the possibilities of treatment of the double chin were limited to surgical options such as liposuction, and therefore more aggressive that often leaves the area distended.

BELKYRA is the only non-surgical injectable jowl reduction treatment that has undergone rigorous clinical evaluation, permanently destroying fat cells under the chin, retracting and redefining the jaw line.

Its administration is transcutaneous, using fine needles that allow deposits of the active principle (deoxycholic acid) in the areas to be treated. The treatment is therefore minimally invasive, and is performed under local anesthesia for greater patient comfort.

A full facial evaluation is performed beforehand to determine how many treatment sessions may be needed, depending on the amount and distribution of fat under the chin.

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