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Body Wrap: Algae, Chocolate, Gold and Pearl

Body Wrap: Algae, Chocolate, Gold and Pearl 2018-09-05T09:30:38+00:00

At Isabelle’s we bring you the widest variety of body wraps, ideal for the treatment of flaccidity and cellulite, improving tissues and delaying skin ageing.

After analysing the needs of each skin, the most suitable product is applied.

The skin absorbs the active principles through the action of the wrap, which is left to act for several minutes.

Finally it is removed by means of an extensive massage, providing a greater sensation of relaxation, well-being and strengthening the moisturizing effects.

Rich in proteins, vitamins and trace elements, they stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system, revitalizing and firming the skin, as well as restoring its natural moisture levels.

Thanks to the antioxidants in cocoa (theobromine, tannins and polyphenols), chocolate acts on the nervous system and fights free radicals, responsible for cellular aging.

Cocoa also provides magnesium, zinc and vitamins A, B and E, helping to hydrate, tone and revitalize the body.

The micro-active particles of gold act by regenerating and hydrating the skin in depth.

It has an immediate tightening effect and boosts luminosity, as well as stimulating the cellular capacity to fight free radicals.

Pearl powder gives us nutrition and hydration, giving the skin a soft appearance thanks to amino acids and active calcium. In addition, it has whitening and stimulating properties of the blood circulation.

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