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Hot and Cold Wax

Hot and Cold Wax 2018-09-05T09:52:19+00:00

Waxing is one of the main treatments to maintain the beauty of our body, as well as removing hair helps us prepare the skin for further care, so it is very important to use the best products and protocols in the cabin.

Depilation with wax allows hair to be removed for up to four weeks, and you can enjoy a much softer and cleaner skin.

When the hair is removed from the root, the growth process is slower, so the skin is much less irritated as fewer depilation sessions are necessary than with other temporary methods.

Cold wax, due to its presentation and temperature, is ideal for depilating facial areas and for people with circulation problems, varicose veins or very sensitive skin.

Hot wax allows you to cover larger areas. This is due to the fact that, when heated, the product can expand and cover the necessary areas. In addition, heat can make the process more comfortable by dilating pores, so hair can be removed with less resistance.

  • It is a long-lasting method, as it takes two to four weeks for the hair to regrow.
  • It leaves the skin smooth.
  • The hair becomes finer after each depilation.
  • It helps us prepare the skin for further treatments.

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