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Vela Shape II - Cellulite removal

Vela Shape II – Cellulite removal 2021-07-12T11:03:36+00:00


VelaShape II contours, reshapes and treats body fat, improving cellulite and reducing circumference in just 4 sessions.

Visible results with no downtime or noticeable discomfort.

Its Elos technology reduces cellulite and resistant fat with greater efficiency and speed.

A gradual improvement of the treated area can be observed after the first treatment. The surface of the skin feels smoother and firmer.

The results of the contour reduction can be seen between the first and second session, and the improvement of cellulite in only 4 sessions.

In clinical studies patients report an average reduction of 2.5 cm after treatment.

In a recent study of postpartum patients, reductions of up to 7 cm were obtained, with patient satisfaction of 97%.

The treatment is safe and effective on all skin types and colours. No short or long-term health effects have been reported.

Most patients find the VelaShape II comfortable (like a deep warm tissue massage). The treatment is designed to match each patient’s level of sensitivity.

It is normal to experience a feeling of warmth during the hours following treatment.

Once the treatment protocol is completed, a few maintenance sessions are recommended periodically.

As with any non-surgical technique, results last longer with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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