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Biologique Recherche Facial Treatments

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Biologique Recherche captures the richness of the natural world and releases its ingredients into the skin for immediate and visible effects.

The recipe for its success is a high concentration of active ingredients, choosing only the purest extracts in its products, and the different way it has to understand the skin. 

Each person does not have a single skin, but several. It changes several times a day and throughout our lives. This vision is what allows Biologique Recherche to identify the deficiencies and needs of each skin, in order to convert an unbalanced skin into a young, radiant and flawless looking skin.

If we add to all this a handmade production free of perfumes or parabens, Biologique Recherche is undoubtedly a unique cosmetic brand and a guarantee of results.

Biologique Recherche cosmetics are based on 4 basic principles:

  • High concentration (above 20% in most products) of plants, biomarine and biological extracts.
  • Absence of perfumes to preserve the integrity of the components and avoid sensitization processes.
  • Preservation of the original structures of the active ingredients thanks to cold processing in most cases.
  • Formulation designed (in combination with unique manual application techniques or with the technology of Remodeling Face and/or Micro Puncture Lab) to obtain immediate and long-lasting, almost magical results.

Biologique Recherche’s methodology is based on a combination of diagnosis, clinical approach to aesthetic treatments and rigorous protocols.

These personalized treatments solve skin problems and achieve a more satisfactory result instantly.

It strengthens tissues, enhances hair resistance and reduces redness in fragile and sensitive skin.
 Regenerates the epidermis and provides elasticity to mature skin.

Provides intense hydration and an immediate tightening effect.

Suitable for dehydrated or sagging skin.

Powerful cellular regenerator.
 Restructures and strengthens damaged, dehydrated or aged skin.

Repairs, strengthens and tones tissues. Refines and smoothes the epidermis.

Tightens and redensifies the tissues, fills in wrinkles and redefines the facial oval.

Innovative treatment for intense skin rejuvenation.

Provides deep hydration, tightens and fills in wrinkles. Accelerates the healing process and enhances cell regeneration.

Reshapes the face. Intense action on reliefs and volumes.

Diminishes dark circles under the eyes, tones the eyelids.

Tones the skin and increases muscle firmness.

It also prepares the skin for surgery and shortens the post-surgical recovery time.

Global treatment for the eye contour, reduces wrinkles, tones, minimizes bags and dark circles.

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