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Eyes and Eyelash Filling

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Our main objective is to give colour to the eyelash area, creating an optical effect of greater volume and length, placing the look in an aesthetic way.

This treatment is perfect if you are looking to enlarge the size of the eye, pronounce an almond shape or enhance the look.

Thanks to our technique used, we are able to introduce the pigment really superficially and at epidermal level, so the irritation and swelling are minimal.


The eyes are an essential part of the face, which is why more and more women are turning to Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation to achieve a luminous and impeccable look throughout the day without having to worry about retouching their eyeliner.

Permanent eye make-up, also known as permanent eye eyeliner, consists of pigmenting the upper eyeliner, the lower eyeliner or both, thus achieving a semi-permanent eye makeup.

The objective of Micropigmentation of the eyes is to rejuvenate the expression and to give luminosity to the look, besides offering an effect of volume and to correct fallen eyes. The final result obtained is very natural, and its appearance remains intact for 2 to 5 years, depending on the skin and the tone used.

There are several techniques for the Micropigmentation of eyes, such as dotting, used to achieve an optical effect of eyelash filling without giving the sensation of makeup, or eyeliner eyes, making the line thicker and lengthening it in its final part, getting to correct imperfections, such as to enhance a descending eye gently lengthening the end of the design.

For its application, the professional of Micropigmentation will firstly mark the trace that will follow later with the needle of the dermograph, so that, once the trace is defined and adjusted to the shape of the eye, the pigment can be implanted correctly.

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