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Hair by hair Micropigmentation & Microblading

Hair by hair Micropigmentation & Microblading 2018-10-24T11:00:30+00:00

Always with a natural look, we seek to define, complete and integrate the eyebrows within the factions of each person.

We work with a rigorous method that includes an exhaustive and personalized visagism study in which we show the final design beforehand.

Whether we choose «hair to hair» Micropigmentation or Microblading, our objective will always be the same: to offer the best result adapted to each person to achieve a flattering and personalized work.

Our technique «hair by hair» assures an optimal and natural result, since we emulate the hair of the eyebrow with a great level of realism.

It is especially indicated for people with asymmetrical eyebrows, with little or very fine hair and partial or total alopecia, although anyone can benefit from the improvement that means having well-defined and complete eyebrows.

Microblading is a traditional Asian method of semi-permanent pigmentation that provides even more natural results than other micropigmentation methods.

A «Tebori» manual pen is used where a sterile head of stainless steel single-use micro-needles is inserted.

These needles are a little finer than those used in Micropigmentation, so the result obtained from drawing each eyebrow hair is even more realistic.

It is an ideal treatment for people with sparsely populated eyebrows or who have been losing hair over the years, or as a result of a disease or medical treatment.

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