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Moles, Freckles and Scars

Moles, freckles and scars 2018-09-20T08:54:10+00:00

Micropigmentation is very useful for covering up scars and marks, as well as for emulating aesthetic moles in a very natural way.

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Many people have some complex because they have visible scars.

Fortunately, Micropigmentation allows us to hide the small scars of the skin, as well as marks of burns, alopecia or even asymmetries in the contour of the lips and in the areolas.

The use of Micropigmentation to hide scars has become so popular that even plastic surgeons usually recommend this aesthetic treatment, especially when there is a considerable difference in tone between the scar and the skin, since this way 100% satisfactory results are obtained.

We offer you a specific treatment to emulate moles and small marks of beauty with very natural result.

After a previous study of the area to be treated and the texture of the skin, the work is always adapted to the characteristics of the client and the desired result.

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