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What are the differences between Micropigmentation and Microblading?

Micropigmentation and Microblading are two semi-permanent techniques that allow the implantation of pigment at epidermal level, giving colour and shape to eyebrows, eyes and lips.
Both treatments offer spectacular and very natural results, although they differ in the technique and instruments used:


  • It is a semi-permanent procedure that uses an electronic device called a dermograph, inserting the pigment 1 to 2 mm under the surface of the skin.
  • It can be used in eyebrows, eye lines, lips, as well as in the reconstruction of mammary areola and to conceal scars and imperfections, vitiligo or alopecia.
  • It is practically painless when topical anesthetic cream is used.
  • Isabelle’s has also improved the technique «hair to hair» in eyebrows, obtaining an optimal and natural result, emulating the hair with a high level of realism.


  • Traditional oriental method of semi-permanent pigmentation used especially to restore hairless eyebrows or with low density.
  • Traces are drawn imitating the hair and inserting the pigment by means of a manual pen called Tebori. We use a sterile surgical stainless steel micro blade that is a little finer than those used in Micropigmentation, so the result obtained from the drawing of the hair is even more realistic.
  • It allows an even more natural result than other Micropigmentation methods, although the result is less lasting.

In both Micropigmentation and Microblading we use only the highest quality, single- use material, in strict compliance with health regulations.

Our pigments used are EU certified and do not contain ferric oxide (which is the cause of the red derivation), mercury or arsenic, allowing the most natural tonality possible.

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