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Eyebrow treatment in Marbella


Let yourself be surprised with our hair by hair microblading, a manual and millenary technique with which you will obtain a hyper-realistic result thanks to the creation of nanopellets, ideal for young, dry or combination skin.


This technique consists of a dermopuncture with a dermograph with which we implant the pigment in a subtle and practically painless way, simulating the shape of the hair by hair and giving it a symmetrical shape to the eyebrow.

Correcting asymmetries, filling in bald spots and recovering the natural density and structure of the eyebrow.

You dream of a perfect eyebrow, we create it for you.

A longer lasting type of make-up

where the pigments will be implanted superficially in the first layer of the skin epidermis, ideal for all skin types.

Remember that the eyebrows represent a very important area on the face, emphasizing and highlighting a person’s features.


do you like the natural makeup effect on your eyebrows?

Powder Brows is your technique, a semi-permanent tattoo that consists of shading or powdering the eyebrow with a gradient effect in the tone, with less intensity in the area of the head and greater power of color in the tail or end of the eyebrow.

Hundreds of perfectly implanted pixels for a perfect eyebrow with a supernatural makeup effect.

This technique can be applied to all skin types, but is especially recommended for oily skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well-defined eyebrows are important for facial appearance, as they frame the eyes and contribute to facial symmetry and expression. Properly arched and defined eyebrows can enhance facial features, give balance and improve overall appearance. They can accentuate the eyes, make the face look more awake and provide a more polished and attractive appearance. ultrices viverra.

Highly qualified professionals with an extensive professional background and years of experience, all certified and trained with national and international professionals of great prestige. Lovers of our profession, we know the importance of being updated in our field and that is why we always bet on cutting-edge training and the best leaders in our sector.

We recommend colors that best suit your skin type, eye color, hair color, and always with the client's help we select the final color always by consensus.

As for the style, at isabelles we care about your opinion, what are your expectations, all that together with your personality and lifestyle allows us to better visualize what style is the most recommendable for you.

Our line of work and vision always bet on natural results, avoiding extravagance and betting on works that are perfectly integrated with the passage of time.

After micropigmentation, the skin enters a healing process that requires different phases:

in the first 7 days of micropigmentation: small scabs form and fall off to make way for the skin underneath, which is new and healed skin.

During the first days we may notice an increase in color that will decrease once the crust disappears.

The epidermis peels, eliminating excess pigment.

In the second week the remaining color will be softer, duller, sometimes you will even have the impression that everything has disappeared but it is not so we are in the healing phase.

In 4 weeks, the skin has finished its healing process, the color appears more radiant and we would be ready to proceed with retouching if necessary.

The recommended frequency of eyebrow treatments may vary depending on the type of treatment and individual preferences. For example, semi-permanent makeup treatments such as microblading usually require touch-ups every 6 to 12 months to maintain color and shape. Waxing and maintenance of the design can be done every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain the desired shape. The frequency depends on how your skin evolves and your aesthetic needs.

We advise against micropigmentation during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Risks of allergy or infection are rare, but we believe it is better to be safe and avoid taking any risk. We recommend waiting until after breastfeeding to proceed with the treatment calmly.

Our equipment fully complies with Spanish and European regulations.

The needles are sterile, single-use, individually wrapped and opened in front of you.

All the disposable material we use is for single use only.

All our equipment and materials come from world leading companies in the field of micropigmentation.

For optimal results, it is advisable to avoid the swimming pool, UV sessions or hammam for the following 7 days. Do not expose yourself to direct or prolonged sunlight, do not apply make-up in a week in the worked area, and clean the worked area gently and without pressure.

Semi-permanent make-up does not leave a mark, small redness and swelling may persist for a few hours and disappear after a few hours.

At isabelle's we work in a very superficial way, which facilitates the healing process.

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