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Indiba Elite-ns and er-45 radiofrequency treatment in Marbella

Enter the INDIBA universe and enjoy unforgettable sensations with a unique technology, thanks to its Proionic System. INDIBA, without a doubt, is quality for your skin. Do you want to look young, fresh and healthy? At Isabelle’s we love their methodology, always based on the knowledge and application of avant-garde techniques to improve your physical appearance, increase your sense of well-being and improve your quality of life.

Indiba achieves an inner balance by improving cellular functioning, the production of collagen and elastin in your skin, harmony and improvement for the skin of your face and body.

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INDIBA BODY TREATMENTS: At Isabelle’s we have the latest generation of the Indiba universe, the ELITE NS model, is the perfect solution to treat large areas of the body, in body remodeling and cellulite treatments, as well as firming, fat reduction and stretch marks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

INDIBA Elite-NS and ER-45 Radiofrequency is a medical and aesthetic technology that uses radiofrequency waves to heat the deep tissues of the skin and body. It is used to treat a variety of conditions, such as fat reduction, skin tightening, improved circulation and pain relief. This technology can stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture and promote blood circulation, resulting in a firmer, rejuvenated appearance.

INDIBA Elite-NS and ER-45 Radiofrequency technology uses radiofrequency waves to heat the deep tissues of the skin and body. Unlike other methods, INDIBA uses a unique, controlled frequency that is tailored to the individual characteristics of each person, allowing for deeper and more precise penetration of heat into the tissues. This stimulates collagen production, improves blood circulation and promotes cell regeneration, which can result in firmer skin, fat reduction and other aesthetic benefits. INDIBA's state-of-the-art technology allows us to apply the following products of this radiofrequency on any aesthetic treatment, without the risk of dissolving or eliminating any type of previous inflammation.

The main benefits of undergoing INDIBA Elite-NS and ER-45 Radiofrequency treatments include:

  1. Skin firming: Stimulates collagen and elastin production, which can improve skin firmness and elasticity.

  2. Fat reduction: May help break down fat cells and improve the appearance of problem areas.

  3. Improved circulation: Promotes blood flow, which can increase tissue oxygenation and improve skin health.

  4. Improved skin texture: It can smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and improve overall skin quality.

  5. Pain relief: It is used in therapeutic treatments to relieve muscle and joint pain.

  6. Facial and body rejuvenation: Helps reduce the signs of aging, promoting a more youthful appearance.

  7. Long-lasting results: The effects of INDIBA radiofrequency can be noticeable and long-lasting with the right series of treatments.

It is important to note that results may vary depending on the individual and their specific skin care needs. It is advisable to consult with a qualified professional to determine if INDIBA radiofrequency is the right choice for you.

INDIBA Radiofrequency is recommended for a variety of skin conditions and concerns, including:

  1. Skin firming: Loss of elasticity, flaccidity and wrinkles.

  2. Localized fat reduction: Areas with fat accumulation that are difficult to treat with diet and exercise.

  3. Cellulite: Improves the appearance of dimpled skin.

  4. Improved skin texture: enlarged pores, skin irregularities and scars.

  5. Improved skin tone and luminosity: Dull or uneven skin tone.

  6. Pain relief: Treatment of muscle and joint pain.

  7. Facial and body rejuvenation: Reduction of signs of aging and overall improvement of appearance.

However, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional or trained esthetician to determine if INDIBA Radiofrequency is appropriate for your specific situation and goals.

INDIBA Elite-NS and ER-45 Radiofrequency can be used on a wide variety of areas of the body, such as:

  1. Face and neck: To firm and rejuvenate facial and neck skin.

  2. Abdomen: To treat flaccidity and fat reduction in this area.

  3. Arms: To improve firmness and smooth the skin on the arms.

  4. Thighs and buttocks: To address cellulite and orange peel skin.

  5. Back: To treat areas with flaccidity and irregular texture.

  6. Knees: To improve the appearance of the skin in this area.

  7. Other areas: Can also be applied to hands, hips, calves and more.

Treatment areas may vary according to individual needs and skin care goals. It is advisable to consult with a professional before undergoing treatment to determine the appropriate areas and to obtain specific recommendations.

Generally, 6 to 8 INDIBA Elite-NS and ER-45 Radiofrequency treatment sessions are recommended to achieve optimal results. These sessions are usually performed weekly or with an interval of 1-2 weeks between each one. The exact number of sessions may vary depending on the condition to be treated, the individual skin response and the specific goals of each patient. After the initial series, periodic maintenance sessions may be required to prolong and maintain results. It is always advisable to speak with a qualified health professional or esthetician to determine the number of sessions appropriate for your needs.

INDIBA Radiofrequency is usually a comfortable and well-tolerated treatment for most people. During the procedure, it is common to feel a warm or mild stinging sensation as the radiofrequency energy penetrates the skin. After treatment, the skin may be a little red or warm, but this discomfort tends to disappear quickly. Sensations during and after treatment may vary depending on the intensity and the area treated, but in general, INDIBA Radiofrequency tends to be less painful compared to other more invasive procedures.

  • Pacemakers or other types of electronic implants.

  • Pregnancy.

  • Thrombophlebitis.

Devices operating at 448 kHz are not contraindicated in the case of metal implants (hip replacements, knee replacements, metal pins and plates).

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