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Kerosene treatment in Marbella

Its main purpose is to moisturize the dermis, provide firmness and smoothness to the skin.

Especially recommended if your skin is cracked, dry, dehydrated or lacks elasticity.

We recommend combining it with your manicure and/or pedicure to achieve a spectacular combined result.

If you want a more hydrated, more elastic skin with less wrinkles, this is the treatment for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a typical kerosene treatment session, a process like this is followed:

  1. Preparation: The skin is cleaned and dried to remove any dirt or make-up.

  2. Kerosene wax heating: Paraffin wax melts at a safe temperature for use on the skin.

  3. Application: A layer of warm kerosene is applied to the skin with a brush or by dipping the area in the liquid kerosene.

  4. Sealing: The kerosene is allowed to cool and solidify slightly, then covered with plastic film and a towel to keep it warm and allow the kerosene to penetrate the skin.

  5. Wait: The kerosene is left on the skin for about 15-20 minutes, during which time you can relax and enjoy the comforting sensation.

  6. Removal: After the kerosene has cooled and solidified, it is carefully removed.

Kerosene treatment can be performed on areas such as hands, feet or face to moisturize and soften the skin.

On average, a kerosene therapy session usually lasts about 15 to 30 minutes. The time may vary according to the area treated and the technique used. Kerosene wax cools and solidifies relatively quickly after application, allowing benefits to be obtained in a short period of time.

Kerosene therapy is generally not painful or uncomfortable. The kerosene is applied in liquid form and solidifies as it cools, creating a comforting warm sensation on the skin. It can provide a relaxing and pleasant feeling. However, some people may find the initial process of dipping or applying the kerosene a bit warm, but it is not usually painful or intolerable.

The recommended frequency of undergoing kerosene treatments may vary depending on the area treated and individual goals. In general, a kerosene treatment can be performed every 2 to 4 weeks to keep the skin moisturized and soft. However, it is important to listen to the professional's recommendations and adapt the frequency according to personal needs and preferences.

Yes, kerosene therapy can be used to relieve joint or muscle pain. The application of warm kerosene can help relax muscles and increase blood flow to the treated area, which can relieve tension and discomfort. It can also help reduce joint stiffness and provide temporary relief from conditions such as arthritis. However, it is always advisable to consult a health professional before using kerosene therapy as a method of pain relief.

Yes, there are different types of kerosene or mixtures used in kerosene treatment. They can include regular kerosene, kerosene flavored with essential oils, kerosene with moisturizing or therapeutic additives, and kerosene with specific properties such as deep heat or analgesic. The choice of the type of kerosene depends on the treatment objectives and the patient's preferences.

Yes, kerosene therapy can be helpful in treating specific skin problems, such as extreme dryness. Application of warm, melted kerosene can help deeply hydrate the skin, soften dry, cracked areas, and improve moisture retention. Kerosene therapy can be beneficial in treating dry hands, feet and other areas of the body. However, it is always advisable to consult a professional before use to address skin problems.

Kerosene therapy generally does not cause allergic skin reactions, as kerosene is a safe and well-tolerated material. However, it is possible that some people may be sensitive to certain additives or fragrances in the flavored kerosene. If you have sensitive skin or known allergies, it is advisable to perform a patch test prior to treatment to ensure that there are no adverse reactions. It is always best to discuss any concerns with a professional before undergoing kerosene therapy.

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