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Lip treatment in Marbella

Micropigmentation on lips results in color, shape and unbeatable volume. We currently have different techniques:

Our work system consists of morphological study, personalized design and colorimetric analysis, the perfect triad to achieve incredible and sustainable results over time.

As with any micropigmentation procedure, it will require maintenance, which will be determined by each skin phototype.

Micropigmentation of the lips, what is it?

It is a semi-permanent makeup technique with which we give color to the lips.

we give color to the lips
-mucosa and contour – to create a make-up effect. It can also be used for
neutralize or lower the natural color of the mucosa

of the mucosa and achieve a more uniform tone.

As with any other treatment in this discipline, it requires periodic

periodic reviews

to maintain its long-term effects.

In lip micropigmentation any color can be applied, although at Isabelle’s we use neutral and subtle tones.

at Isabelle’s we use neutral and subtle tones,

to achieve natural, discreet results that do not condition you in any situation or in the long term.

In addition, micropigmentation

is not a substitute for traditional makeup, so once healed and after

Once healed and the post-treatment time is over, you can make up your lips the way you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not advisable to apply any product during the first 7 days except post-treatment petroleum jelly to keep the treated area as moisturized as possible. possible . We advise you to be very careful in the basic tasks such as eating, drinking and brushing your teeth, these first 7 days are crucial to achieve a successful result.

Micropigmentation of the lips is contraindicated in the same cases as any other semi-permanent same cases as any other semi-permanent make-up technique, and can be grouped into:

  • Temporary contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, transient skin conditions in the area to be treated, infections, recent surgeries, infiltrations, etc.

  • Total: permanent skin permanent skin conditions in the area to be treated.

Any chronic pathology or undiagnosed alteration must be supervised by a physician. supervision of a physician.

Sometimes when there is a history of cold sores it can cause the reactivation of the same, in that case we recommend going to your doctor before the procedure of lip micropigmentation and advise you a previous treatment to prevent its appearance.

Can be used for to conceal imperfections or asymmetriesto create a visual effect of increased volume only visual, since this technique does not produce a real increase in the volume of the lips, beyond the swelling that occurs at the end of the treatment and that will eventually subside after a few hours, for neutralize and uniform the color of the lips and, of course, to create a make-up effect and, ultimately, beautify lipswhatever the technique used.

The first days you will see the very vivid colorThe pigment is newly implanted. You will also haveinflammationThe swelling, more or less intense, will eventually subside as the hours go by.

In the following days, the lips will peel as part of the the lips will peel as part of the healing process and the color will begin to fade. and the color will begin to fade. until it stabilizes, remaining at around 50% of what you had at the beginning. By then, it will be time for the retouchingwhich is usually scheduled after 40-45 days 40-45 days after the first session.

If you suffer from cold soresIf it is not, lip micropigmentation can reactivate it. That is why we recommend that in these cases, you first talk to your doctor so that he/she can prescribe an antiviral to help you in its prevention.

Although pain is subjective and depends on the tolerance of each person, we can say that, based on our experience of more than 30 years, lip micropigmentation is a treatment that causes no or very little pain. none or minimal discomfort during its realization.

If we talk about the time in the booththe duration of the session will be from 90 to 120 minutes, depending on each case.

Regarding the duration of the effects after the review, the average is 2 years. 2 years.After this time, and depending on how the fixation has been, an annual touch-up may be recommended.


At isabelles we provide a series of aftercare recommendationsThese are summarized in applying cold to reduce inflammation, if it has occurred, avoiding very hot or acidic beverages during the healing period and maintaining a correct hygiene and hydration routine in the area.

Sun exposure is not recommended after any semi-permanent make-up treatment, so it will be something to keep in mind if you plan to do it continuously.

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