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Manicure and pedicure treatment in Marbella

Shellac nails, the perfect solution for flawless and long-lasting nails! Our exclusive Shellac nail service offers you a unique experience of beauty and style.

Imagine wearing perfectly polished and shiny nails for weeks. With Shellac, you can do exactly that. Our hybrid polish formula combines the durability of gel with the ease of application of traditional polish. This means that your nails will stay intact and shiny, without flaking or wear, for much longer.

The Russian manicure is much more than just a nail treatment, it is a refined art form that focuses on the health and beauty of your hands and nails. Our highly trained technicians have mastered the Russian manicure technique, which involves a thorough process of care and attention.

The process begins with the trimming and proper shaping of your nails, followed by the gentle removal of the cuticles, this process is done dry using a lathe and different drills, which results in a perfect base. Then, our expert techniques exfoliate and nourish your hands with high quality products to leave your skin soft and rejuvenated.

The SPA manicure and pedicure at Isabelle’s is not only an external care, but a total wellness experience. You will enjoy a relaxing massage that will relieve tension in your hands and feet, leaving you refreshed and revitalized. In addition, you can choose from a variety of high quality nail polishes to complete your look.

Kerosene is an exceptionally effective treatment that uses heat and moisture to revitalize the skin. At Isabelle’s, our expert therapists will carefully apply a layer of warm kerosene to your hands or feet, creating an enveloping effect that allows the skin to absorb moisture and essential nutrients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a manicure, there is a wide variety of polishes and colors available. Types of enamels include regular enamels, gel enamels, acrylic enamels and powder enamels. Colors range from classic shades such as reds and pinks to vibrant, neutral, metallic and bright colors. There are also finish options, such as matte, glossy and frosted. The selection of glazes and colors depends on your personal preferences and the style you want to achieve.

Yes, you can choose between different nail shapes during a manicure. Some of the most common shapes include square nails, oval nails, round nails, almond-shaped nails and pointed nails. The choice of shape will depend on your personal taste, the length of your natural nails and the style you want to achieve. A nail professional can advise you on the shape that best suits your hands and lifestyle.

On average, a manicure session can last about 45 minutes to 1 hour. However, the exact time may vary depending on the type of manicure you choose, whether it includes additional treatments such as exfoliation or massage, and the skill and speed of the professional. Simpler sessions, such as a basic manicure with regular polish, may be shorter, while sessions involving more elaborate nail techniques or additional treatments may take longer.

Yes, the manicure may be suitable for people with weak or brittle nails. However, it is important to choose treatments that are gentle and nourishing to strengthen rather than damage the nails. Some salons offer specific treatments for weak nails, such as nail strengtheners, keratin treatments or nourishing oils. In addition, it is important to maintain a good home care routine to strengthen the nails and prevent breakage. If you have weak nails, it is advisable to talk to a nail professional for specific recommendations.

A pedicure is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the health and appearance of your feet and nails. However, the frequency may vary depending on individual needs and how fast the nails grow. People with nail or skin problems on their feet may require more frequent pedicures, while others may find a monthly pedicure sufficient to maintain the appearance and well-being of their feet.

In addition to improving the appearance of the feet, a pedicure offers additional benefits such as:

  1. Relaxation: A pedicure often includes a foot and leg massage, which can help relieve stress and tension.

  2. Exfoliation: Exfoliation during a pedicure removes dead skin cells, leaving feet softer and smoother.

  3. Moisturizing: Deep moisturizing during a pedicure helps prevent dryness and cracked skin, keeping the skin on your feet soft and healthy.

  4. Nail care: In addition to polishing, nails are trimmed, filed and treated to prevent problems such as ingrown nails or irregular wear.

  5. Promoting circulation: Massaging and manipulating the feet during a pedicure can improve blood circulation in that area.

  6. Early detection of problems: A pedicure professional can detect early signs of problems such as nail fungus, excessive calluses or skin problems, allowing for early intervention.

These additional benefits make a pedicure a relaxing and beneficial experience for the health and well-being of the feet.

Yes, pedicures can help relieve foot pain or discomfort. Exfoliation and massage during a pedicure can relieve muscle tension and reduce swelling, which can bring relief to tired or sore feet. In addition, proper nail trimming and filing can prevent problems such as ingrown toenails, which can be painful. Specific treatments, such as foot baths with mineral salts, can relieve inflammation and discomfort. If you experience chronic pain or foot problems, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before seeking relief through a pedicure.

Yes, it is recommended that men also get pedicures. The benefits of a pedicure, such as nail care, hydration and relaxation, are equally important for men and women. A pedicure can help keep feet in good health, improve appearance and provide an overall sense of well-being. More and more men are opting to take care of their feet and enjoy the benefits of a pedicure. There are no gender restrictions in the pursuit of self-care and wellness.

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