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Paramedical and reconstructive micropigmentation treatment in Marbella

The objective of paramedical and reconstructive micropigmentation is to repair and reconstruct in patients with post-operative sequelae helping them to recover their security and self-esteem through these innovative reconstructive techniques and thanks to micropigmentation, those who have undergone chemotherapy treatment, radiotherapy or are about to start, those who have suffered an accident and / or different medical interventions which have left some sequelae on their skin, or simply have developed different skin pathologies that can be camouflaged by means of micropigmentation.

The field of application for this treatment is wide:

  • Repopulation of eyebrows and eyelashes after chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.

  • Camouflage of scars after surgery and/or accident.

  • Creation of areolas after a mastectomy and subsequent breast reconstruction; after a surgical intervention the breast volume is recovered, but not the areola, and in this case micropigmentation treatment is indicated for its creation.

  • Vitiligo camouflage.

  • Stretch mark camouflage.

  • Intensify the color of the lip mucosa after chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.

  • Capillary densification.

  • Hypomelanosis camouflage.

  • Cleft lip.

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Scar camouflage

Micropigmentation camouflages, creating an optical effect thanks to which the scar is no longer the protagonist.

Beauty spots

we can recreate small polka dots and make the area more sensual and youthful.


With our hair micropigmentation, we treat depopulated areas of the scalp, achieving an effect of greater density and volume.

Mammary areola

We recreate the mammary areola with a 3D effect, undoubtedly one of our most special techniques, many doctors recommend this treatment for its aesthetic and, more importantly, its emotional benefits.

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