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Personalized facial hygiene treatment in Marbella

A personalized facial hygiene is the first step to glowing skin and to enhance the results of any professional care or treatment.
Previously we carry out an exhaustive study of the skin with personalized advice to guide you in the most suitable cosmetic choice for your skin, both in the salon and at home.

At Isabelle’s, we believe in customization. We understand that every skin is unique, so we tailor our treatments to your specific needs. Whether you struggle with occasional acne, are looking to reduce fine lines or simply want a radiant glow for a special event, we’re here to provide you with a facial hygiene experience that’s a perfect fit for you.

Our milks, tonics, serums, facial creams and sunscreens will make your home routine the perfect ritual for your skin in combination with the proposed treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized facial hygiene is an approach to skin care that is tailored to the unique needs and characteristics of each individual. It involves the use of specific products and techniques to address particular skin problems, such as acne, dryness, sensitivity, among others. This approach is based on carefully assessing each person's skin type, concerns and goals to create a cleansing and care routine that delivers optimal results and individual satisfaction.

A customized facial hygiene treatment involves a detailed assessment of an individual's skin needs and characteristics in order to design a specific cleansing and care routine. This may include the selection of appropriate products according to skin type and concerns, as well as the application of specific techniques and procedures, such as deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation and application of masks tailored to individual needs. The goal is to achieve healthier, more balanced skin by addressing each individual's specific concerns in an effective and personalized manner.

The type of facial hygiene you need is determined through an evaluation of your skin type, specific concerns and goals. A trained esthetician or professional will perform an analysis of your skin to identify whether it is oily, dry, combination or sensitive, as well as to identify problems such as acne, redness or blemishes. Based on this assessment, they will recommend the right products and techniques for your skin type and concerns, creating a customized facial hygiene routine to meet your needs.

Tailoring products and techniques to your specific skin type is crucial because each skin type has unique needs and characteristics. Using inappropriate products and techniques can cause problems such as dryness, irritation or worsening of existing concerns. By customizing your skin care routine to your skin type, you can effectively address your concerns, balance your skin and get the best possible results while maintaining the optimal health and appearance of your skin.

The initial evaluation of your skin is usually done through a visual analysis and a conversation with an esthetician or skin care professional. During this evaluation, your skin type (oily, dry, combination, sensitive), concerns (acne, wrinkles, redness, etc.), skin care history and goals are considered. The practitioner can examine your skin closely and ask questions to understand your needs. This information will help them recommend the right products and techniques to create a personalized and effective facial hygiene routine.

Yes, you can receive a customized facial hygiene treatment even if you have sensitive skin conditions or problems such as acne. In fact, personalized facial hygiene is specifically tailored to your individual needs, including problems such as sensitivity and acne. A trained professional can select gentle products and techniques suitable for your skin type and concerns, minimizing any irritation or worsening of existing problems. It is important to communicate your concerns to the practitioner so that they can design a routine that is safe and effective for you.

The number of customized facial hygiene sessions recommended for optimal results may vary depending on individual skin needs and specific concerns. However, a cycle of at least 4 to 6 sessions performed every 4 to 6 weeks is generally recommended. This allows the skin to adapt to the products and treatments, and allows the benefits to accumulate over time. After the initial series, you may need periodic maintenance sessions to maintain the results achieved and continue to improve the health and appearance of your skin. It is always advisable to consult a professional for personalized recommendations.

Undergoing customized facial hygiene treatments can be safe even if you have a history of skin allergies. However, it is important to inform the professional about your allergies and sensitivities so that they can adapt the products and techniques to your situation. A trained esthetician can select hypoallergenic products and perform patch tests to check for possible allergic reactions. Communicating your history to the practitioner will help ensure safe and effective treatment that avoids irritation or adverse reactions.

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