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Tattoo Removal Treatment in Marbella

At Isabelle’s, we understand that decisions can change over time, even when it comes to tattoos. That is why we offer a safe and effective tattoo removal service for those who wish to get rid of a previous tattoo.

Our team of highly trained tattoo removal professionals uses advanced technology to fade and gradually remove the unwanted tattoo. We use state-of-the-art lasers that direct pulses of light at the tattoo pigment, breaking it into smaller particles that the body can remove naturally. As well as the best treatments in TATTOO REMOVER SOLUTION when the laser option is not viable, at Isabelle’s we study each case in a personalized way and based on that we select the best treatment to offer you the solution you need.

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At Isabelle's, we have our Neodymium YAG Q-Switched Laser, a revolutionary device used in aesthetic medicine for tattoo removal. The application of lasers in tattoo removal offers the possibility of eliminating excess pigment in the most effective and safest way.

Tattoo remover solution

Tattoo removal WITHOUT laser or acids.

Tattoo Remover Solution is a tattoo removal solution that guarantees incredible results without the use of lasers or acids.

Our system uses very innovative and superficial needles to remove cosmetic and body tattoos.

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